Hey Contractors, Homeowners Don't Want to Meet With You.

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Today’s homeowner is changing. Their expectations are high and their tastes are expensive thanks to what they see on TV shows that make it look easy and inexpensive to completely renovate a house. Additionally, technology has conditioned us to expect quick and easy in everything we do.

So, how have these significant changes in consumer behavior changed the contracting business? For one, homeowners are increasingly hard to “sell” in person.

Here’s why:

Time: “We will be there next Tuesday between 9am and 1pm” is a terrible way to end your first conversation with a homeowner. They have ordered and received two Amazon Prime orders in that same timeframe.

Opportunity Cost: Meeting a contractor can easily take an hour and a half out of a homeowner’s day. No offense, but they would rather not spend their precious time with a contractor.

Fear of the Unknown: The fact is that every homeowner can tell you a story of a contractor not showing up at the time they said they would. Equally as likely, that homeowner has had encounters with slimy salespeople or poor craftsmen from your competitors. Not a good experience or use of their time. You are, unfortunately, guilty simply by association.

It’s the Information Age: Homeowners have access to an amazing amount of information about how to fix or improve their house. Some of this information is good, some are terribly misleading. Nevertheless, many homeowners become “experts” by way of a Google search so why do they need you? They aren’t actually experts of course, but their perception may keep you from winning their business.

More than ever, homeowners need an opportunity to be delighted by your expertise. As is the case with any business today, leading with value will get you more clients. Meet your customers where they are in their buying journey and give them quick, easy, and meaningful ways to engage with your company.

Three tips for contractors to “lead with value”

It’s no secret that homeowners use the internet to find contractors, inform themselves on the projects they are considering or the issues to be fixed in their house. The knowledge gap between contractors and homeowners is shrinking. However, the skill and experience that a good home service contractor can bring will not be replaced any time soon. To build confidence in a homeowner, contractors have to prove their value. Here are some tips on how to do that.

1) Do a Better Job Gathering Project Information - by demonstrating knowledge of the problem when you actually get to the site, you have established your credibility and your willingness to provide a high level of service. You may also be able to provide pertinent and valuable information for the homeowner to consider prior to the on-site meeting.

2) Take the Time to Explain - Homeowners will value efforts to explain the complexities of the fix or the details of the project at hand. Asking questions like “Would you like for me to explain this a little more so you understand the options?” goes a long way to building trust which increases your likelihood of a win.

3) Value Their Time - This is more than just arriving on time and being efficient onsite. This means giving the homeowner ways to engage with your sales team that don’t require them taking time off work or interrupting their weekend plans.

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