Homeowner Insights - In Their Own Words

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

We recently held a focus group to gather feedback from 15 homeowners about their experiences with Home Service Contractors. In addition, we collected 56 responses to a 15 questions survey on the same topic. The in-person session was professionally facilitated to ensure the feedback was accurate and valuable.

We selected a few, unedited responses from the survey. For the full survey summary, please click HERE.

When asked to share experiences with home service contractors, good or bad, homeowners did not hold back! While there were several responses praising contractors, most of the responses present learning opportunities (that’s a polite way of saying it, right?!).

  • “Misaligned budgets and expectations. EX: Back patio renovation, didn't need a $40,000 detailed proposal to know it was out of my budget. Could have saved the contractor (and myself time) if they gave a rough estimate on the spot (or, even electronically).”

  • “Delayed or lack of response in request of a quote. Lack of communication during project. Late arrival.”

  • “Taking a long time to get work done once a quote is agreed upon.”


When asked to share the most frustrating part of screening and hiring contractors for home improvement/service projects, homeowners responded with the following:

“The time it takes to go through the process to find the right partner always seems to drag on the process.”

“Scheduling appointments”

“The time it takes away from our regular day to day lives, making sure someone is home, rearranging schedules when they have to cancel.”

“Would really like to have a "ballpark" estimate, and then once they come to see the job they can give you a more detail

ed estimate.”


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